The People Aprove: Maia

Yes, 8115 regular human beings like you and I have gotten behind and backed indie developer, Simon Roth’s new project Maia reaching £140,481 ( €173989.93).

I would’ve been 8116 but Steam took me for all I was worth…

Maia’s out-game objective is to “resurrect the god-game genre”. The idea is to build an underground space colony by mining, building, keeping people alive etc. Inspired by old TV Sci Fi, the game’s screens look great and the idea sounds great. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly excited about it.

Why isn’t it mine now?

Also in the god game boat  (thanks to Godus), Peter Molyneux congratulated Roth on twitter “Well done to fellow indie developer Simon for successfully funding #Maia”

Keep your eyes open for for Maia in the future!



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My name is Benjamin Bates and I'm a computer coder in training. I'm a HUGE indie game fan and if i love them I usually review them. Check it out!

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