Orion’s Odyssey on Kickstarter with Developer Ryan Morrison

Orion's Odyssey MainHands On! Tangrams developer Island Officials are back on the scene with their new Kickstarter project Orion’s Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure. Island Official’snew Nintendo DS title Orion’s Odyssey calls itself a “comedy-puzzle game with memorable characters, a strong emphasis on presentation and a whole lot of heart.” The game seems something of a spiritual successor to Hands On! which the same puzzle gameplay mechanics are in play however, now a story mode guides you through the stages and puzzles that you will see throughout your journey. The story follows Orion, a robot from space who makes his way to earth. Orion has the power to create any object he can think of and helps anyone out that in he in his journey. As you progress you meet young Ryan. Ryan, a seven year old boy with a lot of energy, becomes your sidekick as you help the people that you meet.

Orion’s Odyssey is a finished game. The game has already been developed but the reason Island Officials have taken Orion’s Odyssey to Kickstarter is to cover nearly their entire production cost. Being a Nintendo DS game the company are opting for cartridge distribution over Nintendo’s eShop, a purely 3DS based market. Included in the whole in the production process will be passing through Nintendo’s certification process and getting an ESRB rating to go with it. The process is not cheap and the company has to fund it themselves as the publisher they have can only get them through the submission process only.

Orion's Odyssey2

I’ve recently spoken to the CEO of Island Officials Ryan Morrison about the project and the road they have to take in distributing Orion’s Odyssey.

“While Tangrams was in development, we realized there were a lot more
features and polish we wanted the game to include, but unfortunately
didn’t have the time or the budget to include. Orion’s Odyssey was a
chance to really create the kind of experience we wanted to accomplish
with Tangrams; Multiple game modes, including a fully featured story, tons
of extras, and a well rounded cast of memorable, crazy characters…”

“…When a team pours their blood, sweat and tears into a project for two years, naturally there’s going to be some frustration when things don’t pan out the way you had hoped or planned. That being said, everyone at Island Officials understands that situations like this are a part of the business. While we remain optimistic about the future of Orion’s Odyssey, we’re still pushing ahead with other exciting opportunities regardless of what happens…”

It was really nice to hear Ryan’s optimism about the project but in the back of mind I couldn’t help but think this would be a different story if instead of putting the game on cartridges, Ryan opted to put the title on the eShop. I asked Ryan to elaborate more on why Island Officials are distributing this game like this.

“Our goal with putting Orion’s Odyssey on Nintendo DS cartridge is so
that we can reach the widest possible audience. While eShop is certainly a
proven, viable method of distribution, it is also one that is exclusive to
the Nintendo 3DS. With over 100 million Nintendo DS and DSi units sold,
there are a lot of potential consumers who don’t have a 3DS or an internet
connection to access the eShop, and a cartridge release allows us to offer
the game to them as well as those who do own a 3DS.”

I wish everyone at Island Officials the best and I hope that they reach their goal. I am excited to see how the project works out in the month to come.

If you are interested in the project here is the kickstarter.

Here’s their pledge vid.

Lets Fund This Game.

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