Survival Games Project On Hold. Hayden Allred, Creator Explains Why

photo-mainRecent Kickstarter project, Survival Games has been put on hold by creator Hayden Allred. Recently speaking to Hayden he told me not to worry about the project

“I’ll still be working on the game, just not at the Kickstarter pace. I will still stay active on the forums and keep you guys updated on my progress often! This definitely isn’t the end of Survival Games… There has been too much stress this past week and it is affecting my health. We will be back”.

For those of you that do not know what Survival Games is, Hayden describes it as what “Started as a spinoff of Hunger Games, but overtime, it has evolved into something so much more than that”. It is a 24 player FPS that’s pits the players against each other. The players can fight each other, form alliances and just about do anything to survive.

“The only thing still here at this point is 24 players fighting to the death. Survival Games mainly focuses on realism, value for your life in-game, and the community. It really is a complex project to put together, but I feel confident in it as I’ve been programming for a very long time, I actually started in the 6th grade! I spent the last few years programming some games on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I’ve always felt so limited on what I could do there. You don’t have the freedom I wanted. I’ve been wanting to do a game like this ever since I started making games, but I didn’t have the skills necessary, so I started small. Everything that I’ve done has gotten me to the point I am today! This is my dream game”.


I haven’t seen how the community have reacted to it yet, But Hayden seems confident in the support in the community that already exists around the game.

“The Survival Games community is just awesome, simple as that!.. I’ve spoken with a lot of people who are interested in working on the game, so I’m really excited about that! Anyway, the community is really what this game is all about. Unlike traditional publishers, every member of the community has a voice! They are able to post any question or suggestion they have, and they will get an answer quickly. Every time I have a question on how a gameplay mechanic should be handled, they are ready right away with a response! They are the real visionaries of Survival Games”.

I will hopefully be keeping more in contact With Hayden Allred throughout the development and wish him well.

Here are the forums

And if you want to see more of what Survival games is about, here is the original pitch:

Don’t forget “This definitely isn’t the end of Survival Games”


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