C-Wars Funded! Onipunks Happy

In only 6 days into their campaign, Onipunks‘ recent project C-Wars has been successfully funded. C-Wars describes itself as “what happens when a Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets an RTS in pixel art”.

Doesn’t that description sound crazy? Well its real. Here it is!

 “Funded in 6 days, it’s totally beyond our expectation. We are very happy and grateful. Our backers are awesome! The more attentions we get, the bigger responsibility we have. We will work harder to deliver this game on time to our supporters. Also, we are here to listen the feedback from our backers and steam greenlight/twitter/facebook/tumblr followers. Like we said in the KS video, this is a fun and ambitious project, and we want you to part of it”. Says Loup Zhou, creative director at Onipunks’ Studio. When I asked about the community surrounding the project Zhou told me:c-wars.0_cinema_640.0
“For now, only our combat-system was shown to the steam and KS community. It’s quite well received by Steam users and KS backers. Most likely because they either like our combat system design [and the alpha demo] or being pixel art lover as we are. We will release our roguelike integrated Beta soon, then we can finally see the reactions from the community”.

“In fact, there is another community we need to talk about; the indie community. As you noticed maybe in our KS page, we are talking about the partnership with our 3 Indie friends: Spooky Squid Games, NostalgiCO, and UpperByte. They let the main characters from their awesome games (They bleed pixels, Cryamore and Wooden Sen’Sey) to be special guests in C-Wars. It’s pretty a big deal for us, we didn’t expect they will accept this invitation of partnership but when we show our prototype to them, they were kind of like it right away. Other than that, we don’t have enough feedback from indie community yet but we are confident about our product. We think we will know more about it after IGF China and PAX [yeah, we are going to show our game at PAX]”.c-wars-3ds-3-589x350

With 18 days left on the campaign, I can’t wait to see what will happen. “We’d like to receive more attention on C-Wars. Also, our backers want to have 3DS/WiiU/PSV ports. We want to give them these too but we need to get the dev-kits first. For now we don’t know if Nintendo/Sony are going to let us have them or not. So if we can hear back from these giants and get approved, it will be an awesome thing we can get from KickStarter. Actually, the most awesome thing we get from KickStarter is not the money, it’s the support given by our fans and backers”

You heard it, It’s all about you. You’ve funded this game.

Try the Alpha build

You can vote for it on Greenlight



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