Top 5 Games Of 2013

Time to listen to my complete bullshit! Here are my top 5 games of 2013:

SimCity (“Honourable” Mention)

You know why it isn’t on the list. I really enjoyed my time with SimCity. When those problems were ironed out and the servers aren’t down, sure, you have to dig through a load of shit but theres a really fun game underneath I spent a lot of the year playing.

5. GTA V

I only got to play 11 hours of GTA V as I’m a PC gamer you see… BUT, from what I played, through its stupidly juvenile world, was an impressive piece of software that was ludicrously fun. Heists, man… Heists…

4. Stanley Parable

I remember playing the mod some time ago but never really playing much of it. However, with the release of the “HD Remix” I got to play Stanley Parable as the game it was truly meant to be. Narrated flawlessly, written impeccably, if you haven’t played SP… PLAY IT!

3. Gone Home

How many games are like Gone Home? What a fantastic game, a clever game that tells its story perfectly through you. It never tells you you’re wrong or you aren’t playing it properly. It just lets you play and what you see is what you see.

2. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

When I picked up Brothers I had no idea what I was expecting, and I’m really glad. What I was given was an amazing story. From start to finish Brothers is an emotional and truly engaging game up there with the best!

1. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is undeniably the best game I have played all year, without a doubt. Colombia’s “what if” setting drew me in as soon as I saw it, Elizabeth is one of the most realised companions in any game ever and the game’s ending… IT’S ENDING!

Top 3 Best non 2013 games of 2013 (games from yesteryear I got round to playing this year)

3. Fallout New Vegas

Cannot even believe how long it took me to play F:NV, but when I did I never stopped… Until I played the DLC… They were terrible.

2. Spelunky

Well this is kinda a 2013 PC release but Spelunky has been on XBLA since 2012. Spelunky is really, really, REALLY fun if not INCREDIBLY difficult!

1. To the Moon

Nor film or book could gave me the experience To the Moon did. To the Moon is one of the best story based games out there at the moment. A true emotional tale of loss handled very, very well.

Deadly Premonition (Honourable Mention)

Honourable Mention because I’m still in the middle of my playthough… but I get it. I’m with the cult


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