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KOTOR 2: The Forced Adventures of Conor Kets – Introduction


When I was 13, I got Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic at launch. In a matter of hours KOTOR became one of favourite games of all time, no question, everything about the game spot on, from its array of interesting fully dimensional characters, its vast playpen worlds filled to the brim with lore and and quests and the feeling that you were really manipulating a story with your own choices (I finished the game is a dickhead first… Come on… I was THIRTEEN!). Since then I’ve played and completed KOTOR more times than I can remember and when a sequel was announced I was all on board, oh my god was I excited!

KOTOR 2, however, to me was a bit of a disappointment. Well… I kind of hated it. I thought it was messy, boring and very samey. The characters seemed to make weird silly decisions for no reason and the none of the worlds visited felt of realised as any from the first. I’ve only completed KOTOR 2 once in my whole life (dark side of course, it seems to be how I do things). Since 2005 however, I haven’t completed it since… I’ve tried but the game is so buggy something ALWAYS happens that pisses my game up.

Well NOW I going to try and complete KOTOR, nearly 10 years into the future as a light side, Jedi Guardian named Conor Kets and I’m going to document my experience world by world… You can keep up with the blog if you want. Its like a lets play with text! HOW FUN!!